Our story

As the number of children living in poverty continues to rise annually, so does the demand for hygiene products, experiencing a 60% increase in requests since 2020. In response to this growing need, The Confidence Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was established. The initiative took shape during the pandemic, a time when many students were learning from home.

The Confidence Project collaborates with nonprofit weekend backpack food programs that serve underserved student populations to address the escalating need for hygiene products. By doing so, the organization not only provides these essential items but also offers crucial hygiene education.

Central to The Confidence Project’s mission is personal hygiene education to ensure that all children have equal access to basic hygiene practices. Each Confidence Kit distributed by the organization contains information on personal hygiene products and instructions on how to use them.

Recognizing that the need exists in all communities, The Confidence Project aims to supply essential hygiene products and age-appropriate hygiene education to vulnerable students. This approach not only promotes school attendance but also fosters a continued interest in learning among these children.

Mary Baldwin Morris and Hannah Jane Lloyd